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KSM Superclean

Part of the Rainbow Technology Group of companies, KSM Superclean is a global leader in the manufacture and supply of high performance contamination and particle removal technology. Based on the proven contact cleaning principal, KSM specially formulated cleaning rollers and adhesive products permanently remove loose, problematic particles from surfaces both before and after critical processes to include printing, laminating, imaging, testing, slitting, sheeting, spraying, sputtering and coating.

S Series – Superclean Sheet Cleaning Machines

S Series - Superclean Sheet Cleaning Machines imageIntroducing the new S series 2020 range of Sheet Cleaning Machines from Superclean. This slimline, robust Contact Cleaning machine will remove particles and contamination from

substrates down to the microscopic level. The equipment is suitable for a wide range of applications across a broad spectrum of industry sectors to include:

PCB, SMT, Hybrid, OLED, Screen-Print, Glass, Plastics, Touch screen, Battery, Furniture, Wood, Composites, and many more.

Designed and built by engineers with decades of experience in contact cleaning the S series includes all operational features as standard, to include:

– ‘Top-drive and top-lift’ mode for processing of thick panels

– ‘TF’mode for processing of thin substrates

– Uni-directional and auto-reverse processing of substrates

– External ‘side pull-out’ access to Adhesive Rolls during production

– External ‘side pull-out’ access to Rubber Cleaning Rollers for in-line applications

– Machine support stand.

The S series is available in both stand-alone and in-line configurations and in widths ranging from 300mm (12”) to 1000 (39”).




Superclean Sheet Cleaning Machines

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