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This year marks Taiyo America, Inc.’s 30th year!  We thank you for your continued business, support and loyalty and look forward to bringing you Unmatched Innovation for many years to come!

If you gotta be flexible, try FLEXFINER

We are truly in unchartered times, I never thought I would still be working from home. It has been difficult for all of us, from not knowing what would happen next, to the loss of a loved one. I would like to take another opportunity to express my sadness and offer my condolences on the passing of Chris Liu, our representative in Toronto. Chris was a wonderful man who would go out of his way to help you. He will be greatly missed.
At Taiyo it is important to us that we support you in any way possible during these difficult times. Our manufacturing and customer service team have been working non-stop to provide you with the products you need and to get them to you on time so that you do not miss any deadlines. Taiyo America has never veered away from being committed to serving our customer base, especially when it comes to having products available or providing service in a timely manner.
Over the last several weeks I have received a lot of inquiries related to flexible products, including our FLEXFINER photoimageable coverlay dry film. The advantages of dry film are well known; the ease of use/handling, flatness control, tenting capabilities and uniform thickness control.
Another benefit is that the application process of FLEXFINER is very simple and clean. The film is cut to fit the PCB and then placed into the vacuum laminator where heat, vacuum and pressure are applied to create perfect conformation between the FLEXFINER and the topography of the printed circuit board. There is no chance of getting wet solder mask on you or on the surrounding areas. Once it’s applied, the process is very similar to standard LPI solder mask; the exposure step is followed by a short oven bake and then the board goes into the developer. After developing, the PCBs are placed in an oven for final cure. Also, handling a flexible PCB with dry film is much easier than with a liquid product.
See below photos of 2 mil lines and 4 mil openings.


Photo 1: FLEXFINER 30µm thick, 50µm dams
Photo 2: FLEXFINER 30µm thick, 100µm openings
And the icing on the cake, the final properties of FLEXFINER are outstanding, with a UL listing of VTM-0, excellent bending properties (MIT 850 cycles), a low Dk of 3.1, and a low Df of 0.02. The resolution capabilities are also extremely impressive as you can tell from the photos above. All this adds up to excellent reliability and performance.
Currently, Taiyo offers a nice variety of options related to thickness and color. The amber film is available in thicknesses of 15, 20, 25, 30 and 40µm; the black film in 15, 30 and 40µm thicknesses.
Photo 3: FLEXFINER in Amber


Photo 4: FLEXFINER in Black


Please feel free to contact me or any of your Taiyo resources to learn more.
We look forward to hearing from you and will hopefully be back in the field soon to see you in person, but until then, stay safe and healthy!
John T. Fix
Manager & Director, Sales and Marketing

Meet Alex Vilanova, one of Taiyo’s weigh and mix experts in our production department. Alex has been with Taiyo America for two and a half years and is based at Taiyo America’s headquarters in Carson City, Nevada, USA. His favorite task is mixing and his fondest memory at Taiyo  is of a mess made early in his career.
Alex proudly served five years in the United States Army Reserves and we are grateful for his service.
He enjoys golf, playing video games and spending time with family and friends.
Alex is an integral part of the Taiyo team which keeps products of Unmatched Innovation rolling through the Taiyo pipeline!

Still not on the road!
Once again, I hope you are all safe!
Ten weeks without seeing the inside of an airplane, airport or a circuit board shop; this must be a record for me, but it needed to be done!
Donald Monn
Midwest Regional Sales Manager


Get Ready World. Here we come.

Taiyo America will be there when you’re ready to go!
A look at the PCB market for the second half of 2020
Let’s be optimistic for a few minutes here and talk about what will happen when things get back to normal; whatever that will be. After talking with a significant number of PCB and PCBA companies as well as engineers and designers, domestically and globally here is what I can report: More…
For more information about Dan Beaulieu’s DB Management Group:   https://www.dbmanagementgroup.com/

Taiyo’s upcoming events:
September 9, 2020 Santa Clara Convention Center  
 Booth # 611
January 26-28, 2021 San Diego Convention Center
Booth # 641 (tentative)

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Dear Valued Customer,
Taiyo America now offers ACH as a payment method.  If your company utilizes ACH, please contact Taiyo America’s AR Department @ 775-885-9959, ext. 105.
Kindest Regards,
Staff Accountant

Established 30 years ago TAIYO AMERICA, INC. is a subsidiary of TAIYO HOLDINGS CO., LTD., the world’s leading manufacturer of specialty inks and solder masks for printed circuit boards. Taiyo offers conductive inks for manufacturing printed electronics, lighting & displays and other applications. www.taiyo-america.com

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