SU-8 Negative Epoxy Resists

Kayaku Advanced Materials, Inc. epoxy resists consist of chemically amplified, epoxy-based negative resists that are highly functional, and photo-imageable to near UV (365nm) radiation. Cured films or microstructures are very resistant to solvents, acids and bases and have excellent thermal and mechanical stability, making them well suited for fabricating permanent structures such as pixel walls, fluidic channels and nozzles, micro arrays and spacers.

Epoxy Resists Features UV
Film Thickness

  • Wide range of viscosities
  • High aspect ratio patterning
  • Photo-definable ultra-thick structures
i-line 10-200 µm >10:1 Aspect Ratio

SU-8 2000
  • Improved substrate wetting
  • Faster drying
  • Higher process throughput
i-line 10-100 µm >10:1 Aspect Ratio

SU-8 3000
  • Improved substrate adhesion
  • Reduced coating stress
i-line 10-70 µm >5:1 Aspect Ratio

SU-8 TF 6000
  • High resolution thin film processing
  • Highly uniform thin films
  • Improved substrate adhesion
g-, h-, i-line 0.5-10 µm High re

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